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  • Collapsible Fire Pit
  • Collapsible Fire Pit

Collapsible Fire Pit


This Heavy Duty Collapsible Fire Pit is designed with functionality and durability in mind. Enjoy taking this steel fire pit with you wherever the road may lead! Or simply set it up in your backyard to enjoy the evening with family and friends.


This fire pit is made from durable 3/16" steel as not to warp & lasting a very long time. The steel used is a high-quality weathering metal that is intended to be used in outdoor areas. The steel is NOT coated with any form of finish, so it will begin to show a beautiful natural patina after being left outside and used. This rust adds beauty to your firepit and is a natural process.

Easily assemble this 5 slotted pieces together with no tools! When assembled, this fire pit measures 12"x 16"x 14" and collapses down to a size of 12" x 16" x 3/4". 


Customization is a wonderful thing. Each panel can have the same design OR a different design! Must keep design somewhat simple and not too wordy as this weakens the steel.We are all unique in who we are and what we need. Let us help create a fire pit you want and that will last! Prices vary on dimensions & material pricing changing daily.

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