Pledge of Allegiance Flag

Pledge of Allegiance Flag

The pure beauty and presence of this Pledge of Allegiance Flag will definitely leave anyone feeling blessed to live in this great country of ours. Whether it's hand sanded or the wavy essence of the grinder effect on the metal, it will be admired by everyone.


Made with 14 Gauge Steel; Hand sanded or grinder effect background; Candy Blue & Red with Premium Automotive Clear for long lasting protection.  


For additonal fee, we can add lights enclosed in 1" flat bar added around perimeter of backing and keeping lighting contained within flag. Lights are multi color, mutli functional, remote controlled.


Sizes are as follows:


Medium 31" x 20" 

Large 43" x 23" 

Extra Large 54" x 28" 


**These prices reflect no box weld & lighting

***Add box weld with lights is $125 for large and $75 for Medium